Nursery School Program

Fun and Engaging Nursery School Programs for Toddlers

Promote Your Child's Love for Learning

At Shooting Stars Childcare, we provide a nurturing and creative environment for children. We provide hands-on learning experiences and the opportunity to "think outside the box."
Shooting Stars Childcare offers prekindergarten programs, which are specially designed for your 2- to 4-year-old child, for effective personality development of young minds.

Little Learners

Our unique program is for 2-year-old children. It allows children to work on their socialization skills as well as academics. We also strive to make your child’s first learning experience the best it can be. We provide lots of hands-on activities, projects, and tons of fun gross motor games. 

Talented Threes and Famous Fours

This program uses a theme-based curriculum to prepare children for kindergarten. We follow different weekly themes, including integrating math concepts, letter and number recognition skills, and fine motor and socialization skills. 

Our belief is that children learn the best through play. We give them the opportunities they need to bring out their creative side.
Music activities

Excellent Nursery School Programs

  • Outstanding educational programs
  • Games and activities that promote a love for learning
  • Classes for all age groups
  • Snacks provided
  • Large outdoor area
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We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care for your child. Your child will get reports on his performance and you are required to sign it. This ensures that parents are always informed of their child's progress.
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